World Championships

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Congratulations to all of our dancers who competed at the 2015 World Championships in Montreal, Canada. We are so proud of all of you!


Solo results

Kiley Meringer 26th place in Girls 10-11

Harper Mills 33rd place in Ladies 17-18

Aidan Hurff 14th place in Boys 11-12

Eli Weldon 18th place in Boys 13-14

Parker Armstrong 16th place in Boys 16-17


Team results

Girls Ceili Under 13: 7th place and World Medal Holders (Annie Benting, Aisling Callahan, Christina Horne, Kiley Meringer, Tory Meringer, Emma Keohane, Lily Seth, and Isabel Siu-Zmuidzinas)

Girls Ceili Under 16: 9th place and World Medal Holders (Colleen DeRosa, Niamh Duffy, Grace Finnegan, Emilie Fiore, Caitlin Keohane, Maeve McAllister, Emma Munroe, and Erin O’Neill)

Girls Ceili Under 19: 9th place and World Medal Holders (Claire Finnegan, Maeve Gillis, Rachel Griffith, Ally Meringer, Harper Mills, Maggie Moffett, Rebecca Munro, and Kelty Ober)

Girls Ceili 19 and over: 5th place and World Medal Holders (Elise Armstrong, Stephanie Armstrong, Claire Finnegan, Siobhan Francoeur, Ally Meringer, Krista Mignon, Maggie Moffett, and Brianna Sheehan)


O’Shea All the Way!